About Us
About Us
Group Overview
Established in Macau in 2007, Tak Chun Group (the Group) has come a long way to be among the market leaders in the VIP sector of the gaming industry today. Looking forward, its new-found vision is to reach out globally and beyond industrial boundaries to become a distinguished world-class enterprise of entertainment varieties, sustainably creating business value and, as such, giving back to the Macau communities, particularly by way of its ongoing philanthropic endeavors.
In order to realize its grand vision, the Group has set forth and vowed for the following missions: inspire people with wisdom and manage the Group with a corporate culture of inclusive engagement; continuously refine its premium service proposition, thereby enabling unique customer experiences as the Group’s distinctive advantage; build up the Group like a family network, and enable it as a platform for value creation for its stakeholders; develop talents and build up their careers, enabling the sustainable growth of the Group.

With unyielding dedication to service excellence, the Group commits to innovation and globalization, with a view to generating promising financial returns for shareholders, improving staff well-being, and fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

Tak Chun Group
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